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Designing for Healthcare

We help health tech startups, health plans, and provider organizations build better experiences for internal users and the customers they serve.

“The story of modern medicine is the story of our human struggle with complexity”

- Atul Gawande

We look to simplify the customer experience in every design iteration

We are a interactive design studio comprised of a team of designers, developers, product strategists, and storytellers, working together to bring digital experiences and products to life with simplicity, ease of use, and human-centered approach.

The healthcare ecosystem is complex and interrelated, from companies in charge of delivering and managing healthcare, to providers and patients receiving healthcare. We believe design helps to make sense of this ecosystem, connect the dots, and ultimately, affect people’s lives.


Synth Riders is a Kluge developed VR experience that is pushing the boundaries of VR Fitness.

Dubbed by VR Fitness Insider as the “cyberpunk-synthwave aerobics machine” with “some of the highest [fitness] readings I’ve ever gotten playing VR games, including time spent in my beloved boxing titles.”

Product design and branding for a medical tourism startup, connecting patients in need of affordable care with international doctors while managing the entire travel, medical treatment and recuperation experience.

Design partner for a seasoned Risk Adjustment and Quality company, serving some of the most recognizable Health Plans, Medical Groups and IPAs. Our work includes branding, web development, product marketing, creative services, and trade show conference campaigns.

Design thinking workshop with California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions for members of the County of Los Angeles’ Substance Abuse and Prevention Control.

Branding and product Design for an AI Healthcare startup solving specific challenges that require mathematical and algorithmic solutions.

A lot of our work is confidential but we’d love to tell you more about what we are working on.


We have been design partners for product and marketing teams for the last decade. So whether you are building internal products or better experiences for your population, we can help you.

Product and Interactive Design

We can pair up with your product team, and deliver design sprints at different levels of fidelity and rigor. From wireframes to React-based components, we can help your team validate ideas, and create delightful interactions that enhance the user experience and engage your users.


We know how to translate a company’s purpose into a visual system that scales across product and marketing needs, building a strong differentiated look that allows you to build an intentional relationship with your patients and customers.

Designing and Building MVPs

From strategy to implementation, we have helped to validate hundreds of startups, using the tools available at our disposal to create a product that offers enough value to be truly validated yet it is efficient and clever in its use of resources.

Emerging Technologies

From AR and VR to Mixed Reality experiences, we are well-versed in Unity, 3D and spatial design. We believe these technologies have some of their biggest potential in the world of healthcare.

Design Thinking Workshops

We help to identify problems, align leadership teams, and understand the needs of patients, using design thinking workshops and exercises that make the intangible visible and formalize anecdotes into actionable goals and objectives.

User Research

From formal research plans to guerrilla interviews, we are extremely passionate about advocating on behalf of your patients and customers, and know how to listen, synthesize and translate user feedback into actionable insights for your product, service or process.


Join us in Los Angeles every quarter for our Design in Health series, featuring speakers from the most innovative health tech startups as well as established companies.

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